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A new look for Powters Sausages online

powters sausages branding

Powters sausages, are award-winning sausage makers and butchers, who hold the recipe for the famous Newmarket Sausage recipe which dates back to the 1880’s. It has a meaty texture with a distinctly peppery taste which is balanced by aromatic nutmeg and herbs to give the famous unique flavour.

The family business is now entering its fifth generation but wanted a fresh and dynamic new look to match their quirky packaging and ethos. The website is not only a brand showcase but features an ecommerce store. To create something really unique and engaging the website uses animations to tell the story of the sausage from being made, to cooked and showcased in different dishes.

Alongside the animations, video footage was created to show the historic and tradition way the sausages are made in small batches, with unique spice mixes and recipes.