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Pauls Malt Brand Design

Boortmalt is an international malting company created in 1927 in Belgium. It produces and markets barley malts to brewing and distilling companies as well as craft brewers and distillers across the world.

A quirky, punchy brand vision

Boortmalt has 10 malting plants in Belgium, England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary and Croatia and is widely renowned as one of the leading malting companies worldwide.

The rise of craft beers has led to over 2,000 brewers being active in the UK and Boortmalt wanted to create a new brand to target this market. Research had told Boortmalt that craft brewers don’t relate with large corporate businesses, so they set about differentiating themselves.

Pauls Malt brand badges

The starting point was creating a range of new malts that were specifically formulated and sold in smaller quantities for the craft beer market. Then they approached us to create branding that would solve the problem they had in targeting craft brewers.

Pauls malt brand guidelines
Pauls malt logo
Pauls malt photography

Boortmalt had purchased Pauls Malt, a family-owned malting company dating back to 1906, based in Ipswich. Inspired by Pauls Malt, we developed an original backstory around explorer Paul and his journey across the globe to find the world’s best malt. From this we created a quirky, punchy brand vision that helped the target brewers identify and understand the brand.

Pauls malt ipad screenshot
Pauls malt website screenshot

Using brand DNA from the overarching Pauls Malt identity, a sub-brand was created for each malt mix which gave each product its own distinctive personality, whilst still retaining overall visual continuity.

The project included work across branding, content, digital, game design and animation, packaging and direct mail.