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The Jockey Club Brand Design

The Jockey Club lies within the beating heart of British horseracing. Founded in the middle of the 18th century as nothing more than just a social club where fellow racing and breeding enthusiasts could get together, it quickly developed into the ruling body of the sport.

Achieving greater clarity for its brand

The rule-making has since passed on to the British Horseracing Authority, however, The Jockey Club remains at the centre of it all. Each year it holds a quarter of all UK fixtures and welcomes more than 1.9 million people to its 15 leading racecourses. These venues include some of the most famous racecourses in the world, such as Cheltenham, Epsom Downs and Aintree - home of the mighty Grand National.

The Jockey Club wanted to achieve greater clarity for its brand. The concern was that most people knew and recognised individual racecourse branding, but few knew that they were all owned by the same group. Therefore a new brand concept needed to be created, that would be consistent across all regions and racecourses.

As the preferred agency of The Jockey Club, we were asked to stress test this new brand vision. We were tasked with showcasing the new look across a variety of materials, building and constructing the rules and guidance around it, and illustrating how it should be rolled out.

The Jockey Club branding design
The Jockey Club Race On Branding Debossed Logo Mockup
The Jockey Club Race On Branding Poster Design

The challenge was not just to convince all internal stakeholders of the benefits of a clear and consistent overall brand, but also to convince event sponsors of the benefits in the form of constant placement and sizing of logos and marks.

Having worked with The Jockey Club for two years and specifically the East Region for around six years, we were able to call on our extensive knowledge of the types of applications that might be used to help us produce a vast amount of example creative across a range of mediums.

race on
Dubai Future Champions Festival Double Sided Flyer
Gents and gerad

The first stage involved presenting initial visuals, then discussing and developing the concepts for the various different Jockey Club offerings, such as Conferences & Events, Venues and Catering.

Following this initial consultation, we worked closely with The Jockey Club to develop clear brand guidelines providing useable templates that illustrated exactly how it should be applied. The final stage was the development of lead creative imagery for use across the group.

The success of this project has led to a closer working relationship with The Jockey Club, and we now produce around 50% of its group-wide event creative. This includes assistance with the Grand National and Epsom Derby campaigns, along with print material for its hospitality offering.