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Mercedes-Benz Digital Design

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular, recognisable and aspirational motor brands in the world. It is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, class and style with products that are renowned for their durability.

A user-friendly, engaging website

Mercedes-Benz is a leader in its field when it comes to automobile design and technology. This forward-thinking was the main reason for approaching us about creating the Your Mercedes microsite.

The automobile market is a constantly evolving sector in many ways, not least through the impact of modern technology. Gone are the days when a potential customer visits five different dealerships in person, browsing marques, models and deals to find out what would suit them best.

Mercedes Benz landing page design desktop mockup

Since the digital evolution, people do all of their research and often make a final decision online from the comfort of their own home, only visiting the dealership to actually make their purchase.

The art of staying alive in such an evolving industry is the art of adapting to change, which is exactly what Mercedes was doing when it approached us about this microsite. The brief was to create a way to quickly, clearly and concisely illustrate the full range of models and finance options online, in an easy and engaging way.

Mercedes Benz Landing Page Navigation
Mercedes Benz Landing Page Design iPhone Mockup Mobile

Using our in-house web design and development expertise, we set about creating a no-nonsense, straightforward website that cuts through the jargon and lays out all the facts on one page in an easy-to-understand format.

Mercedes Benz Landing Page Design Red Option Header
Mercedes Benz Landing Page Design Red Option

The result is a user-friendly, engaging website that simplifies the facts while maintaining the feeling of class for which Mercedes-Benz is so renowned. Each page includes a cost calculator, model imagery, videos, brochures, specifications and a quick enquiry form. Making it as simple as possible for a visitor to find the right Mercedes for their budget.

Following the success of the Your Mercedes micro site, we have used the same website architecture to create a version for Mercedes-Benz’ sister company, Smart. Each has proved to be extremely popular with both Mercedes-Benz and its customers.