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Fresh and Naked Packaging

Fresh and Naked is owned and produced by G’s Fresh, one of the UK’s leading fresh produce companies. Fresh and Naked originally launched in 2010 as the UK’s first unwashed baby-leaf salad brand, and is listed with Tesco and Ocado.

Packaging Design

A refreshed new look and feel

We worked alongside the Fresh and Naked team to strengthen the brand identity and logo recognition on the front of the pack, making the branding much stronger, all whilst retaining the vibrant colour branding that pioneered the UK market when the brand was originally introduced in 2010.

Brand Design

Following the packaging redesign, we were tasked to create a compelling and original above-the-line marketing campaign. The national advertising campaign was developed around their five key lines: Rocket, Lambs Lettuce, Baby Kale, BIG Mix Little Leaves and Baby Spinach.

Food packaging design
Branding & packaging design
product packaging design

The advertising campaign was developed using Fresh and Naked's own leaves, to depict scenes for each line. The leaves were hand placed and photographed to create each scene before retouching and the final advert creations.

Food packaging design
Packaging Design
Product Packaging

"Sales are now six times the volume of the products the range replaced in 2010. The unwashed position is clearly beneficial to customers as we get regular positive feedback from customers about the performance of the leaves. Overall, the brand adds theatre to the category in-store and allows a level of personality that is more difficult to achieve with own label produce.”

Anthony Gardener, Fresh and Naked

Packaging Design