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The National Heritage Centre of Horseracing and Sporting Art at Palace House, Newmarket is made up of three various attractions within one venue: The National Horseracing Museum, A national gallery of British Sporting Art Trust and the headquarters for the Retraining of Racehorses. These three attractions offer up an exciting, innovative and engaging place for visitors to explore whilst in Newmarket, which outlines the history of horseracing, the heritage of Newmarket and its royal connections, sporting art, as well as the opportunity to meet former racehorses whilst on site.

The various attractions on site gives the venue a mix of audiences to reach out to, including educational audiences, families, art lovers, history enthusiasts and horse racing fans. Palace House approached Cubiq in November 2017 to help with the digital and traditional marketing activity throughout 2018.

The main objectives of 2018’s campaign were:

  • Increase visitor numbers across all audiences by a minimum of 10%
  • Increase ticket sales across all platforms (Online, in the gift shop and over the phone)
  • Increase social media presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We began by outlining every individual persona Palace House wanted to attract – from children, parents, friends, corporate visitors, horseracing enthusiasts and tour goers and those with a keen interest in hobbies and crafts. This was critical for Palace House to understand where their true value was for each possible visitor and Cubiq was tasked with focusing our attentions on driving traffic and ticket sales from families and tourists.

Since this time, Cubiq became responsible for:

  • All of Palace House’s social platforms
  • Updating Palace House’s website to reflect the activities taking place on site
  • Optimising the website correctly for SEO purposes
  • Media buying activities for seasonal campaigns, such as the Easter Campaign taking place throughout March and April 2018
  • Email marketing activity
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Copywriting
  • Blogger outreach and PR support

It was important for Palace House to showcase how and why this was an interactive learning experience for all age groups. Clever and engaging content is key to how we tell a brand’s story and this was integral to Palace House and how we have positioned them throughout 2018.

Our activity in statistics:


Jan – July:

Followers increased – 31.6%

Organic Impressions: 968,1000

Engagements: 11,400

Clicks: 2,662


Jan – July:

Followers increased – 10.8%

Impressions: 775,900

Engagements: 13,200

Clicks: 1,160


Jan – July:

Followers increased – 26.7%

Engagements: 4,108 (increased by 24.3%)

Comments received: 70


Jan – July:

Improved users to the website by 7.39%

Improved social acquisition by 103.68%

Improved email acquisition by 115.38%

Improved direct traffic by 10.41%

Improved conversions by 61.59%

Improved adult and child ticket sales via the website by a 81.53% and 57.69% respectively.

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