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Sunsquare Print Design

Sunsquare designs and manufactures high-quality flat roof skylights and has been a pioneer of its craft since 2004. Innovative design, rigorous prototype testing, quality workmanship and top-level specification have all combined to cement the company at the forefront of its industry.

Sunsquare logo mock up print design

Firmly positioned at the top of its game

Sunquare’s dedication to developing the best possible products has led to tremendous growth. Constant investments into staff training, machinery, software and logistics have enabled them to become a member of the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers. They are also the UK’s only rooflight manufacturer to secure a BSI Kitemark.

Sun Square A4 Brochure mock-up print design

With a product that encompasses both B2B and B2C markets, Sunsquare approached us wth a brief to create a two-pronged advertising campaign that would reach its two main target audiences: architects and end-consumers. The overall aim was to reposition the Sunsquare brand to reflect its industry-leading status.

Sun Square A4 Brochure contents mock-up print design
Sun square display mock-up print design
Sun square poster mock-up print design

Utilising extensive market research data, we set about creating campaigns that combined tone of voice and refined style to accurately communicate Sunsquare’s product offering to its desired audiences. Whilst reflecting its unique customer service and price point. The campaigns are refreshed every year, each time taking a step further in this transition.

Three years on and the Sunsquare brand is now firmly positioned at the top of its game, with a trusted name that is synonymous with the quality and innovation that is so distinctive in its superior range of products.

Sun Square paper mock-up print design
Sun Square clipped mock-up print design
Sun square frame mock-up print design

“Sunsquare have been working with Cubiq for many years now. During that time Cubiq have helped design yearly advertising campaigns. It is important to stand out in any industry and what Cubiq have created has allowed that to happen. Time after time we are surprised at the creativity at Cubiq and we have successfully engaged with our exact audience sector due to the creative skill we have been offered.
“Through all our advertising campaigns, we have always been extremely proud to have worked with Cubiq. They have formed a vital part of Sunsquare's success, and for that, we will always be grateful.
“In a world when we are bombarded with marketing of one sort or another, standing out is what matters. That is what Cubiq do best.”

Justin Seldis, Managing Director, Sunsquare Ltd

Sun Square A4 Landscape Brochure mock-up print design