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K Beauty Packaging Design

K Beauty is a large cosmetic wholesaler and we worked with them to develop K Pop, a product range inspired by the Korean beauty phenomenon sweeping the world, as well as a number of other ranges that are stocked as own-brand cosmetic ranges in Primark stores. Working in collaboration with Primark and K Beauty we’ve helped to create the look, feel and packaging for various SKUs and product ranges made up of sheet masks, scrubs, peel-offs, cleansers and two and three step products, with low price points for impulse purchases at the checkout and online. We focused the main K Pop range around cute, simple, flat, illustrative characters that depicted the products.

Creating design 

distinction between

various ranges

Other key ranges created include Gold Face Masks, Charcoal Face Masks, Bubble Masks, Bride Tribe and a Smoothie range. Not only was Cubiq instrumental in the design of these vibrant ranges, but we also helped with catchy-copywriting for the names of the products and the product descriptions.

K Beauty packaging design

“I recently saw on Primark's Instagram page that they have released a new line of products called K Pop. Primark has taken the world by storm with their skincare and makeup products this last few months”.

K Beauty mask packaging design
K Beauty packaging design
cosmetics packaging design

Korean beauty products are renowned for their innovation, which is why they have been the global beauty trend on everyone’s wish list in 2018. The new Primark K Pop collection is Korean-inspired, offering everything you need for a fresh-faced, dewy look with the cutest accessories to add some fun to your application.

K Beauty packaging
K Beauty packaging design eye patches
K Beauty packaging design
K Beauty packaging design